STACC is a tech community that is accelerating the development of both talent and digital organizations in Stockholm

Stockholm’s tech market is full of opportunities, but finding somewhere you can thrive can be tough. And even when you do, your personal development might still slow down.

We are here to fix that!

With our help you'll find a job you can be truly passionate about at one of the exciting, and carefully screened, companies in our network.

Find your passion!



Grow your expertise

With our training program, specially tailored to your area of expertise, you’ll boost your skills and grow into one of Stockholm’s leading tech professionals.

Accelerate your career

Our mentorship program aims to give you dedicated support to help you excel in your new role. STACC will connect you with an industry expert who will be your career coach.

Be part of the family

By becoming part of STACC’s community, you’ll meet lifelong friends and future coworkers. You’ll be invited to a range of inspiring events so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with one another.

Apply to STACC

You’ve taken your first step in your STACC journey! Let us tell you more about everything.

Meet with STACC

We’ll get in touch and meet up for a coffee and a chat to kick off this process of joining STACC. Together we’ll figure out what kind of companies and roles you’re interested in.

Finding your perfect match together

You’ll be matched with a company based on your preferences, and then you’ll be on the road to your dream tech career.


Only one thing left before the new journey begins - signing with you future employer! We’ll find a suitable start date for all involved.

Start date

On your first day you’ll join both the new company and the STACC community. You’ll meet your new colleagues and kickstart your new adventure.

Initial weeks

During your first weeks the STACC Experience will begin. You’ll be introduced to your mentor, and together we’ll begin working on your career roadmap. You’ll also get invited to the upcoming social events and meet-ups and get to flex your brain muscles with your very first training sessions.

6 months

The STACC Experience has by now kickstarted your new career and you’re on course to excel. We truly hope you feel that this is the perfect fit for you and if so, you’ll continue at your company on a permanent post.

The STACC Experience continues with it’s trainings, mentoring meetings and social activities on a regular basis.

3+ years

Graduation from the STACC Experience! Time to celebrate.

You’ve experienced the whole STACC journey, and learned a huge amount, met friends & coworkers along the way and are ready for a successful career in tech. We hope you would like to stay in the STACC community, as a mentor to our new members

What are you waiting for?

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