The STACC Experience begins on day one of your new job

By combining training, mentoring, and social events you’ll rapidly develop your skills and have some fun along the way.

Skill boosting

STACC offers a combination of general and role-specific training. General training aims to equip all members with the skills required for any role in tech, whereas role-specific training will focus on your specialist area. Training will consist of 2-4 hours of training, occurring every second week.

Some example courses


Communication skills

Agile methodologies

Leadership training




Version control



User research

Interactive prototyping


Product ownership

OKRs and KPIs

Writing requirements

Some of our trainers

Linus Granborg

Over 15 years of experience in tech and has worked with some of the largest tech businesses in Stockholm.

Jan Grape

An international coach & trainer with over 20 years of experience, focusing on Software development, Systems Architecture, Agile, Scrum, and lean, and works closely with large organisations in Stockholm to improve motivation, quality and speed.

Hans Brattberg

One of Stockholms most experienced trainers and coaches for product ownership and has authored several books on Agile methods and Product discovery. He coaches a wide variety of companies and businesses across many sectors.

Jimmy Janlén

Jimmy Janlén is an agile coach and teacher at Crisp. He also holds courses, writes books, blogs and creates videos on all things agile and lean such as agile leadership, agile adaptations, large scale agile, team dynamics and facilitation. Jimmy is the author of the book Visualization Examples, available on Amazon and LeanPub.

Marcus Castenfors

Marcus is a seasoned Product Discovery coach, helping teams building “the right product”. Marcus’ philosophy when it comes to Product Development is to work cross-functionally, to focus on solving customers problems, rather than solutions and to have the whole experience in mind instead of just optimizing details.

Tobias Vesterlund

An experienced leader with background as a developer. Has developed many products throughout the years and was part of successfully leading a company from 8 to 150 employees, including leading international, complex and critical organizational transformations. Focusing on leading teams to deliver value efficiently and effectively.


STACC’s mentorship program aims to give you dedicated support to help you excel in your new role. Together we’ll select your mentor based on your personal needs. You’ll have the opportunity to meet your mentor once a month, and you’ll always be able to reach out to them for some advice.

Some of our mentors

Ilgi Evecan Duran

She is an innovation leader, creative strategist, entrepreneur with international experience in different markets within telecoms. She has experience in leading the innovation agenda, devising brand strategies, managing cross-functional teams and partners. She is actively working to support global female leaderships as part of the community she established. Her passion is unlocking potential for businesses, society and people.

Anna Söderström Persson

International experience from Tech and Product management. Passionate about coaching teams and organizations in outcome driven product development, where speed and quality goes hand in hand, and continuous learning is key.

Ximena Araneda

Global business and strategy focused manager with great leadership skills and deep technical knowledge. Strong ability to build healthy relations and networks but also an expert in explaining/translating extremely complex technical information to non-experts.

Henrik Nordström

CEO of a fast-growing tech consultancy and has managed a large number of media and tech projects over the course of his career.

Jimmy Peterson

A long and successful track record in tech consultancies in Stockholm.

Mark Morsink

Worked on top management positions in international telecom and digital companies, if you need business advice, he’s your man.


STACC’s events are there to keep you inspired whilst giving you the opportunity to connect with others in the STACC community. Don’t worry if events aren’t your scene, you’ll still be able to connect with others in the community online.

Breakfasts, meetups and events!

Inspirational talks on topics such as business, technology, and leadership from some of Stockholms top tech experts over breakfast.

Regularly scheduled afterworks with the STACC community. Come have a drink, meet like-minded people, and have fun.

Networking opportunities, deep dives on specific topics, STACC getaways. As well as suggested events from the STACC community.

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