Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers for the most frequently asked questions about STACC.

STACC is partnered with a range of companies, from start-ups to established tech giants and large corporations. We carefully select all of our clients based on roles availability, future, vision, strategy, HR, and tech competence.

After signing up we’ll get to work on the matching/screening process, after which we’ll connect with you to set an initial general interview with STACC, this will be followed up by a second more role-specific interview with STACC.

STACC focuses exclusively on tech-related roles, these include opportunities in design, development, and product ownership.

STACC is aimed at tech talents with 0-5 years of experience, who are eligible to work in Stockholm and are comfortable speaking English in a professional setting.

Applicants should ideally have a relevant degree in computer science, interaction design, user experience design, digital business strategy, or similar, or alternatively relevant professional experience.

STACC is free for individuals, our program is financed by our partners. We receive compensation for our search and training & development program. This gives us the resources to set up and manage the program.

STACC offers a combination of general and role-specific training. General aims to equip all members with the skills required for any role in tech, such as communication skills, leadership, and project management.

Role-specific training will focus on your specialist area, we have role-specific training for designers, developers, and product roles.

Training is delivered by leading figures in the Stockholm tech scene and will consist of 2-4 hours of training every second week.

STACC’s mentorship program aims to give you dedicated support to help you excel in your new role. Your mentor will be selected based on your personal needs.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet your mentor once a month, and you’ll always be able to reach out to them for some advice.